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Our company

Corion is the division of veterinary products for farm animals of DLB-Dilus Laboratories laboratories, located in Barcelona.

We are a young and dynamic company dedicated to the development and manufacture of veterinary products for nutrition and animal hygiene.

We offer our customers the best solutions for the health of their farm.

Quality is our priority objective in the development and manufacture of our products.

We are constantly developing new products to improve the health of your farm animals.

Our development and manufacturing laboratories are certified HACCP and ISO 22.000.

In them we develop and manufacture powder soluble products and oral and liquid gels for a variety of presentations, whether in sachets, syringes or bottles.

Dilus Laboratories is certified HACCP and ISO 22,000 for the manufacture of additives, premixes and nutritional supplements according to European standards.
We guarantee traceability and food safety in all the products we manufacture and develop, complying with the requirements of animal nutrition and hygiene of the European Union.