Hygiene is the best prevention for your animals.

Our hygiene solutions improve the health of your animals.

Growth efficiency

Reduce first day losses.


• Ecological paper
• Different days of degradation according to farm’s needs
• Improve the conversion rate and growth


Boxes with 2 coils protected with outer plastic.

Length: 300 m per coil.

Skin and instrument disinfection

Reduce the risks of infections.

Corioclor Gel

• Inhibition of Gram + / Gram- bacteria
• Improve farm disinfection
• Improve farm hygiene


HDPE bottles.

Volume: 5 L, 25 L.

Dilus Laboratories is certified HACCP and ISO 22,000 for the manufacture of additives, premixes and nutritional supplements according to European standards.
We guarantee traceability and food safety in all the products we manufacture and develop, complying with the requirements of animal nutrition and hygiene of the European Union.